Court Decision Opens Floodgates

To Virtual Child Porn …Leaving Children At Risk!


This Spring, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down The Child Pornography Protection Act of 1996, calling it “vague” and “far-reaching”.


Following the 6-3 decision, Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL), the co-chairman of the Congressional Committee on Missing and Exploited Children Caucus said, “This decision has set back years of work on behalf of the most innocent Americans.”


Sadly, he’s right. With this defeat, parents now have little hope of protecting their children from the proliferation of Internet pornography.


Instead, the Court kicked opened the door for computer-altered images of children—perhaps even YOUR child to be manipulated and promoted online as sexually explicit pornography.


Rep. Foley continued, “If it looks like a child and is said to be a child, pedophiles have found their fix--and their search for true child porn will only be enhanced.”




Imagine you are enjoying a well-deserved family vacation—perhaps a day at the beach, or a trip to a theme park, maybe a casual stroll through a mall. But while you share laughs and good times with the ones your love, something insidious is threatening the safety of your family.


Without your knowledge or consent, someone snaps photo after photo of your wife, and your children. But these photos are not for sale—at least not to you.


While your day ends—filled with wonderful moments certain to last a lifetime — the Internet pornographer that stalked you earlier in the day is just getting ready to go to work, creating perverted images that are certain to last a lifetime.


The photos of your family are downloaded into his computer, and digitized. Then, using relatively cheap and readily available software, he manipulates innocent photos of your wife and children into myriad of sexually twisted and perverse images that blend reality with fantasy.


After skillfully altering the faces of your children and wife, he is ready to debut them on any of the literally thousands of porn sites throughout the world. Here, pedophiles and perverts flock to specialty sites where they can download images of your daughter, son or wife—cut and pasted into sexually explicit acts.


And while they feed on this sickening diet of online smut, you and your family are none-the-wiser.


Welcome to the seedy world of Internet Porn, where for the price of a digital camera and some cheap software, an Internet pornographer is limited only by his sick imagination.




Sadly, there seems to be very little that you can do to keep this tragic story from happening to you. Current laws have proven to be toothless and ineffective—leaving these kinds of Internet criminals to move about with impunity. Until the American people take a stand against Internet Pornography, and demand strong and decisive action, this multi-billion dollar industry will continue to thrive, and the U.S. Government will continue to let it’s citizens fall prey to this kind of perversion.




That’s why Grassfire.net has launched the National Campaign Against Internet Porn with three goals that can change the debate and build real walls against the flood of Internet porn. Click here to join thousands who are taking a stand.