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Like the U.S., Israel is in engaged in battle against terror.

Islamic guerrillas continue launching wave after wave of deadly rocket attacks into Israel bent on destroying a nation and its people.

As Bill O’Reilly accurately reported, “If the terrorists stopped killing and laid down their arms, the violence in the Middle East and in Iraq, for that matter, will stop.”
However, he added, “If Israel throws all of its weapons into the Mediterranean Sea, there will be another Holocaust.”

But Israel is also fighting another war—the media war. Since the beginning of this latest incursion, the media continues to slant Israel as a bully, with their misleading reports and stories. In an effort to expose and hold the media accountable during this tenuous time, Grassfire has teamed with the Media Research Center. Considered the nations’ foremost media watchdog on liberal media bias, MRC analysts and researchers are painstakingly chronicling and spotlighting egregious examples of liberal media bias in Israel’s war against terror. By signing this petition you will be joining a fast-growing grassroots army that is demanding the truth from the media!


Grassfire.org and the MRC wants to send a message of solidarity to the people of Israel in support of their actions to defend themselves and defeat terror. Our goal is to present 75,000 citizen petitions to the Israel Embassy in Washington within the next 30 days—from citizens who support Israel during this terror crisis.

Please add your name to our petition, and have Grassfire and The MRC present your petitions to the Israel Embassy as soon as we reach our goal!

The Petition States:

To the People of Israel,

As a concerned citizen of the United States, I am taking a stand as a friend of Israel during this latest terror attack on that nation and its people. For too long, our leaders and the media have pressured Israel to give in to the demands of their enemies while terror attacks continue unabated. Having complied, Israel once again finds itself pushed to the brink of destruction by Islamic terrorists. I am standing in solidarity with Israel against these terror attacks, and will encourage our leaders to support your nation in its quest for true peace.

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