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The liberal media have continued in their aggressive pattern of biased reporting that threatens the objectivity of this year’s elections.

The Media Research Center -- America’s Media Watchdog -- has carefully documented the liberal media’s lack of objectivity in reporting on the events surrounding this year’s election. To offset this media bias, MRC has launched an unprecedented effort to rally grassroots activists who are demanding that the media “Tell The Truth” this election cycle.

Unless citizens stand up, the liberal media could well sway the 2008 Election. Take a stand with tens of thousands who are demanding that the media “Tell The Truth” in this election.

The Petition States:
I am outraged that the mainstream media have engaged in a pattern of biased reporting on the 2008 election that is blatant liberal advocacy. I am joining thousands of citizens across this country who demand that the networks be accountable for their biased actions.
Journalists should uphold the standards for ethical reporting endorsed by the Society for Professional Journalists. These include:
1) Provide a “fair and comprehensive account of events and issues
2) Support the open exchange of views, even views they oppose
3) Admit their mistakes in coverage and “correct them promptly”
I am also calling on the media to make a “No Bias” pledge to citizens and consumers during the 2008 election cycle and adopt internal procedures and protocols to monitor its own coverage.

Brent Bozell discusses the John McCain photographs on Hannity and Colmes

Media Bias In Election

-- Nets Peddling Anti-Palin Lies

-- NYT's Palin Panic: Four Hit Pieces On Alaska Gov in One Day
--Randi Rhodes: McCain “Well Treated” In Vietnam --Olbermann Ousted
--Bozell on Olbermann Ousting
--(Video) Bozell On Fox Discuss Olbermann
--Palin Called “Wacko Right-Winger”
--Savaging Sarah Palin
--“MSNBC obsesses over Palin’s Damagin ‘Hard Right’ Pro-Life Stance.
--Bennett Rebukes CNN for Using Palin’s Daughter to Score Points

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