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Thanks so much for your interest in—the breakthrough way to ignite a grassfire on the issues that are most important to you!


Led by citizens who wanted to utilize the Internet to expand their impact on key issues, has quickly transformed online citizen activism. Since our founding in 2000, has been at the forefront of launching e-mail based “referral” petition drives. In just over two years, has already become one of the nation’s fastest growing, and most proactive grassroots teams in the nation!


From key issues such as Partial-birth abortion, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Boy Scouts and more, has been putting our  “breakthrough” technology to work for Americans who want to make an impact!



What began as a few hundred citizens taking a stand in support of the Boy Scouts in 2000 has grown to more than 1.2 million citizen activists today. And it continues to grow as team members take part in key issues and spread the “grassfire” to their friends!



WHAT GROUPS ARE YOU AFFILIATED WITH? is privately owned and operated and is not formally affiliated with any religious or political organization. Still, often works with partner organizations when we share concern on an issue. We also offer our service to organizations that want to expand their impact on the Internet.



WHAT ISSUES DOES GRASSFIRE SUPPORT?’s leadership team holds a strong and unwavering commitment to conservative, pro-family and pro-faith values. These values guide our decision-making process.


In recent months, we’ve launched vital petitions supporting the Ten Commandments, the Pledge of Allegiance, the tax issue, abortion and human cloning; and have mounted an aggressive campaign to end illegal online pornography.



Our Grassfire team spends many hours surveying, and monitoring important issues of the day.  We also carefully consider suggestions from members of our online family. However, before we platform an issue, it must be in agreement with our own moral compass and core values.


In most instances, research and development of a petition could take weeks or even months before we consider it strong enough to be launched. However, as events warrant, we can respond within hours of breaking news to research, write, and launch a national petition. That’s one of the exciting features about Because we are a streamlined organization, we can get the message to our people quickly and efficiently.



In support of these issues, we’ve delivered more than 2 million petitions in 2002 alone to key members in Congress as well as the High Courts. Our team has also met with legislative and administration leaders in Washington, D.C.


We recently launched a radio program that is taking this breakthrough impact to the airwaves. We’ve also utilized custom fax and e-mail delivery systems -- and even Western Union letters -- to expand the voice of our online team.

In conclusion, is dedicated to giving the American people:

●  Real Impact on Key Issues.

                 ●  Real Feedback on How Your Impact is Spreading.

                 ●  Real Results for Your Online Activism Efforts.





During a visit to the U.S. Justice Department, we asked one of the Associate Directors if online petitions really make a difference. Without hesitation he replied, “Absolutely they make a difference. Here in Washington we need to hear the voice of the American people and petitions like these get our attention.”


During another visit, we asked a Hill chief of staff how many contacts from citizens it would take to get the attention of a Congressman. The gentleman pondered the question for a moment and replied, “Fifty … No, twenty-five!”


If this is true, imagine the impact we are making when we deliver 350,000 petitions, or send 45,000 faxes, e-mails, and Western Union telegrams.


Using the unique technology has to offer, and coupled with our presence in Washington, D.C., we are convinced we are not only giving the American people a voice on the issues that matter most to them, but a real opportunity to impact an issue!


HOW DOES THE “PERSONAL IMPACT” FEATURE WORK?’s breakthrough technology tracks each participant’s personal impact – expanding your “voice” from one to possibly thousands! Thus, you can watch your impact grow at your own 24-hour reporting page…


People like Kevin L. who has already rallied 1,544 citizens to stand in support of the Pledge of Allegiance …


Or, Paula B., whose personal grassfire has gathered 11,995 citizens in support of the unborn.


And then there’s Annette, a retired Naval officer, who forwarded our “God Bless America” petition to a number of her friends—urging them to join her by signing. Months later, Annette was shocked to discover that from her one message, over 4,000 people had signed our “God Bless America” petition.

“I had no idea I could make such an impact,” she exclaimed. “This is amazing!”


That’s the very heart of Grassfire – equipping you with vital information and helping you expand your impact!